Claremont McKenna CollegeClaremont McKenna College is a part of the seven-college consortium known as The Claremont Colleges. Students can take classes among any of the seven schools and many participate in clubs or organizations within the other campuses. Claremont McKenna is located in Claremont, California, a suburban town about 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. It was originally founded as Claremont Men’s College in 1946, and it became coeducational in 1976. Although the student population is small at just over 1,300, students from the various Claremont colleges often interact, resulting in a larger community feel.

Claremont McKenna’s curriculum focuses on social sciences including economics, government, international relations and psychology. These are also among the most popular majors, of which there are 32, and around 40% of students will major in social sciences. There are also several multidisciplinary majors, including management engineering, philosophy and public affairs, and science and management. There are no traditional minors offered, but Claremont McKenna College students can take ‘interdisciplinary sequences’ in subjects like Asian American Studies, computer science, ethics, financial economics and gender studies.

Claremont McKennaIn order to graduate, students must take calculus, two science classes, two humanities classes outside of their major and three social science courses outside their major. They also must prove proficiency in a foreign language by taking a proficiency exam or taking a third semester of a language. Freshmen must complete a humanities and a writing seminar. Seniors must also finish a senior thesis which usually takes one semester. Students who do not participate in sports are required to take three semesters of physical education classes. Claremont McKenna College also offers more than 10 research institutes, which allows undergraduates to experience graduate-level research.

Classes remain small. About 83% have less than 20 students. The student-faculty ratio is also low at 8 to 1. Over half the students choose to participate in study-abroad programs. Some students choose to take part in the Washington Program, where they complete an internship and take government-related classes in Washington. However, there are many opportunities on campus as well. All Claremont McKenna College freshmen are required to live on campus, but just over 96% decide to live in college housing their entire four years. Dorms are divided into three sections: the North Quad, Mid Quad, and South Quad. There are also senior apartments on the eastern side of campus. Most of the social activities and parties occur in the place between buildings 661 and 671 near these apartments. There are also many student-run organizations and clubs, including an improv and an a cappella group. Students can write for “The CMC Forum,” the oldest publication on campus. It was originally a newspaper, but now can be found solely online. There are also several magazines, including “The Claremont Independent” and the “Claremont Port Side.” The athletics program is combined with student athletes from Harvey Mudd and Scripps College. They compete in the NCAA Division III Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

The Claremont Colleges represent opportunities to move outside each individual campus for a wider selection of classes and extracurricular activities. Because of the small student population, there is a tight-knit community, but the proximity to Los Angeles provides bright employment prospects.


Acceptance Rate

Claremont McKenna acceptance rate

Class Standing

claremont mckenna top 10% in high school

SAT Range (25 to 75 Percentile)

Claremont McKenna college SAT score range

ACT Range (25 to 75 Percentile)

Claremont McKenna College ACT test score

Application Deadlines

Early decision (Round 1): Nov. 1

Early decision (Round 2): Jan.1

Regular Decision: Jan. 1

Admissions Information

Freshmen Admissions
Number of applicants: 6,066
Enrolled: 328
Yield: 52%
Acceptance rate: 10.3%

Early Decision Admissions
Number of ED applicants: 691
Enrolled: 195
ED acceptance rate: 28.2%

Waitlist Admission Statistics
Number of waitlisted applicants: 328
Admitted off the waitlist: 43
Waitlist acceptance rate: 13.1%

Transfer Admissions
Number of transfer applicants: 346
Admitted transfer applicants: 35
Transfer acceptance rate: 10.1%

Average GPA: N/A
Top 10% of High School: 83%

Middle SAT Range (25 to 75 Percentile)
SAT Composite: 1380-1490
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 670-730
SAT Math: 690-780

Middle ACT Range (25 to 75 Percentile)
ACT Composite: 31-34
ACT English: 32-35
ACT Math: 29-34

Median SAT
SAT Composite: 1440
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 700
SAT Math: 740

Median ACT
ACT Composite: 33
ACT English: 35
ACT Math: 31

Standardized Test Requirements

claremont mckenna college does not require the SAT/ACT SAT/ACT not required

cmc does not require the writing portion of the SAT or ACT Writing portion not required

claremont mckenna only requires home school applicants to submit 2 SAT subject test scores SAT Subject Tests not required

Score Card

Graduation Rates

Claremont McKenna graduation rate

Loan Defaults and Rhodes Scholars

Claremont McKenna score card

Salary After Attending

R&D Expenditures

Campus Safety

Score Card Information

Graduation Rates
4 years: 84.3%
5 years: 89.6%
6 years: 91.1%

Loan default rate: 2.0%

Total Rhodes Scholars: 2

Salary after attending: $72,900

R&D Expenditures: $5.82 million

Campus Safety
Sex offenses: 8
Robberies: 0
Aggravated assaults: 1
Burglaries: 13
Car thefts: 2

Financial Aid

Net Cost and Total Expected Cost of Attendance

Claremont McKenna College financial aid

Average Net Price By Income

Student Debt

Additional Information

Tuition, room and board (2020-2021): $73,775

Total estimated cost of attendance (2020-2021): $78,475

Net Cost
Average: $24,456

By income
$0 to $30,000: $8,566
$30,001 to $48,000: $6,591
$48,001 to $75,000: $19,009
$75,001 to $110,000: $17,636
$110,001 and more: $45,035

Graduates with student debt: 36%

Average student debt at graduation: $21,450

Student Body

Student Residence

Undergraduate Class Sizes

claremont mckenna undergraduate class sizes

Student to Faculty Ratio

Claremont McKenna College student to faculty ratio

Student Population

Additional Information

Student to Faculty Ratio: 8 to 1

Women: 48%

Undergraduate Class Sizes
Under 20: 83%
20 to 39: 14%
40 to 99: 3%
100+: 0%

Student Population
Total: 1,343
Undergraduate: 1,346

Student Residence
In State: 35%
Out of State: 47%
International: 18%

Claremont McKenna College student population

Claremont Mckenna seal

Claremont McKenna College

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