Liberal Arts Colleges

Some of the best colleges in the country are liberal arts schools. (Click here to view our national universities.) There are many benefits to attending these types of institutions. Although they might not be for every personality type, the environments might be appropriate for some. Liberal arts schools often rank highly in several areas, including competitive admissions and respected faculty. Students looking to select the right school for them should research the advantages of attending a liberal arts college to see if the fit is good for them.

One of the best aspects of a liberal arts college is how student-focused they are. These schools often make it obvious that the decisions made by the faculty, trustees and presidents are truly for the students’ benefit. Most of these schools have small classroom sizes, which can lead to more individualized studies, better communication with professors and more interaction between classmates. Because liberal arts schools place an importance on critical thinking and problem-solving skills, employers often value this type of college. These types of academic programs demonstrate that students can think independently and are able to come up with creative ideas.

liberal arts colleges Pomona College boasts a 95% 6-year graduation rate.

Liberal arts colleges also have a great track record at helping students effectively prepare for graduate school. This preparation is partly due to undergraduates getting the opportunity to participate in research experiences that bigger universities only award to graduate students. In fact, several liberal arts schools rank among the top 10 colleges that generate students who later earn doctorates.

Liberal arts schools also create lively on-campus environments. Students who attend liberal arts colleges often report having more camaraderie with their classmates than individuals at other universities. Campuses are filled with extracurricular clubs and organizations that offer bonding experiences and leadership roles for students. Additionally, students report that there are fewer cliques at liberal arts colleges because individuals are more likely to join a variety of groups instead of segregating themselves to one type of activity.

Overall, students who are interested in smaller classes and a tight-knit community should look into whether a liberal arts college is right for them.